PVHRC Members in the HRC Members Point Clubs

Point Clubs are an HRC recognition program which is administered by the HRC Secretary. Memberships in the HRC Point Clubs Recognition Program are exclusive to current members of HRC, Inc.
This program recognizes HRC Members for their support of Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. through their membership and who own dogs achieving 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 UKC Championship points in the HRC Hunt Test & Upland Hunt Programs.

PVHRC members who qualify for HRC point clubs must register at the HRC Point Club website.

PVHRC members achieving HRC point club standing include the following distinguished owners and their retrievers. If you achieve HRC point club honors, make sure to advise the club web master so you can join the honor roll here.

Dave Marsteller and Buck

He was at 560 points at the time of his passing.  He was simply a Buck of a lifetime.

         Dave Marsteller and Buck 500 points

Mike Brockman and Mojo

On Saturday, August 22 at Elkhorn Valley’s Hunt Test, “Mojo” (HRCH UH Sheep Creek Mojo) earned his 500 Point ribbon. This was a very difficult year to enter and run tests because of the COVID 19 pandemic. If the clubs had a test at all, it was full within a few minutes of opening for entries because there were so few tests being held everyone was clamoring to get entered. Regardless, Mojo and I persevered and entered every test possible, including those in eastern Nebraska with the goal of getting 500 points this summer. He has passed 88% (23 of 26) of his tests since earning his first Finished pass and I couldn’t be much more pleased (100% would be very pleasing!).   He is such a great pet, companion and hunting retriever. We love the little fella and hope to continue building many more memories together.  

David Heldt and Amos

Amos has been a fun dog to train and run in the hunt tests.  He proved himself as a young pup getting his started title at 7 1/2 months.  We did have our struggles along the way but in the end we succeeded in getting our 500 points.  I am proud of Amos and how far he has come.

I want to thank everyone for helping me in his training and all the support from the club members and my friends who have helped me.


 Joe Olson and Sadie

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Sadie earned her 500 points in March 2018 at the Platte Valley HRC Upland Hunt.  She’s undersized and not particularly athletic.  But she overcomes that with her willingness to work with me and her desire to do the right thing.  I’m super proud of her and feel fortunate to be able to spend time with such a great hunting buddy.  
Nobody trains a dog alone.  I appreciate all the help and support from my friends in PVHRC and around Region 13.  I look forward to more time out training and testing with everyone.

Kevin and Barb Eskam’s dog Jake

 HRCH 4XGMPR KBs Snakey Jake MH
Jake received 3 Finished passes fairly quick, but then the team player was out the window and failed around 7 passes in a row until he decided to become a team player again, when that happened he rolled off a lot of passes in a row finishing with around 910 points He received his 500 points with Jedis 500 points at the platte Valley fall test in 2013. what a ride, he loved tests but he was all in for birds upland and geese, Jake wouold work a field around 150 yards ahead of me looking for Pheasants, He would point then his tail would start to move and he would keep tracking the moving bird, I would start to catch up  and wewould harvest some and some would fly, but he would not force a bird to fly, he could track them up wind and downwind, he kept his distance like he new we were getting close, What a dog he is Snakey Jake.

Barb Eskam and Blaze

Here is Blaze
Blaze earned his 500 points May of 2016 at Platte Valley HRC Spring test
Blaze’s official name is: 4XGMPR HRCH BDC CH NC KB’S Blazin’ White Thunder SH (that’s everything)
I first met Blaze on mothers day 2009 when he was born, he was pure white and I knew he was going to be something special, he has been with me everyday of his life, he is just a big Teddy Bear with a sweet personality. As he grew his talent started to show and he started earning titles in everything I ran him in, he excelled at wild bird hunting which I had to learn how to do and is definitely his favorite thing to do. After he earning his Started and Seasoned Titles I began running him in Finished passing our first test then we failed every test except the last one we ran that year, Blaze and I just learned how to have fun that winter and worked on a few things we came back the next year we were a team and began passing tests, looking back now I half to laugh at some of the things he did at tests and things I did to fail him. Blaze has earned titles in HRC, APLA, AKC and the NBDC, he earned his 500 points in the spring of 2016 at Platte Valley’s HRC Test in Snyder. He is definitely a character and my buddy.


Kevin and Barb Eskam and Ike

HRCH 4XGMPR SM4 CH KBS right to the point Ike SH
I would have to say Ike is a competitor, He switches from Hunt tests to BDC tournements to Hunting and knows the difference, we thought we were done with Hunt tests a couple years ago when in the spring I lined him up for a Blind and said back and he looked up at me as if to say I don’t do this anymore LOL we fixed it fairly quick and he was in hunt test mode, if you line Ike up right for a blind he will go in a straight line, he doesn’t take overs very well but thats ok if that is the only flaw he has, Ike is all in for upland hunting it is what he lives for especially competing.

Kevin Eskam and Jedi

HRCH KBs Satins Jumpin Jedi MH
Jedis name is very accurate as he has eyes that when he stares at you they pierce right thru you, probably the eisest dog I have trained, very smart and watches me at all times even when I throw a bumper behind his back he wouldn’t move his eye contact off of me,  Jedi finished with around 700+ points, He ran the BDC at a older age but still managed a few big wins, but his favorite is Goose hunting Jedi loved being in a blind were he could be by me and watch the skies and a chance at some big retrieves. Even at the age of 12 every morning Jedi grabs one of his toys and brings it to me to throw it just to show me he still is a retriever.

Dan Feighert and Shadow

Dan and Shadow achieved 500 points at the Central Rockies Upland Test in March 2013. Shadow’s full name and titles are HRCH UH Dakota’s Midnight Blue Raven.

Congratulations to Dan Feighert and Shadow!

Congratulations to Dan Feighert and Shadow!

 Rich Carpenter and Din

Rich and Din achieved 500 points at the PVHRC’s fall test in Cheyenne August 2012. Din’s full name and titles are HRCH UH Roux’s MacSky Gunga Din. From Rich:

Even though I’ve been running dogs in HRC tests since 1986, I still get nervous in the holding blind and on the line. So, it’s probably just as well that my accounting skills were faulty and I thought Din was almost a hundred points away from a 500 point jacket, when he actually exceeded 500 points at our PV August 2012 hunt in Cheyenne. So I didn’t have a chance to get extra nervou I didn’t realize he’d earned the 500 points until I was reading the HUNTING RETRIEVER magazine in November and was shocked to see his name listed. So I never had a picture of us taken for the occasion. But as much fun as he has hunting I’m sure the pheasant in the pic is more exciting to him than a ribbon. Din has been a very talented and hard running dog, and fast enough that his old owner has a hard time being quick enough on the whistle. Sometimes on the line with Din I feel like the bucket might be a powder keg with a short fuse lit. ; ) But, he’s more relaxed to hunt with. Din’s sire is my old dog, Roux. I was happy to see Din reach 500 points, so that other than Roux’s last litter, which doesn’t yet have any dogs old enough to run Finished, each of the litters Roux sired has produced a 500 point dog trained and run by a Platte Valley HRC member. I’d guess at least one of that last letter will hit 500 with four of them owned by PVHRC members.

Rich Carpenters Din 500 HRC points

Congratulations to Rich Carpenter and Din!

Lee Ann and David Heldt and Striker

Lee Ann and David Heldt worked with Striker all the way through the 500, 1000, and 1500 HRC point clubs. Striker’s full name and titles are HRCH UH Heldt’s Mr Strike 3 Your Out. From Lee Ann:

Striker was born September 19, 2002. He has always showed a great desire to play the hunting and retrieving games. He loves to please and he has an excellent temperament.

In the beginning he achieved his Started (SHR) title by 11 months of age in August 2003. Then he went on to get his Seasoned (HR) title in August of 2004 and in March 2005 he received his UH title (happens to be the same day that Hunter, his sire received his UH title); and his HRCH championship in June of 2005 at the Panhandle test. Striker accomplished this before reaching the age of three.

At Platte Valley’s 20th “Anniversary test in August 2006, Striker received his 500 points. He never failed an HRC test the whole season and in my opinion there were some pretty hard tests out there! This was accomplished right before turning four years of age!

On May 16, 2009, Platte Valley’s Spring test, Striker received his 1000 points. He was the third golden retriever to achieve this. Striker has had the opportunity to run in several Grand tests. Although he has not accomplished a Grand Pass he did pretty well!

Striker now is in the 1500 point club. He earned this accomplishment at Hidden Pines test on June 2, 2012. He and one other golden retriever are in the 1500 point club currently. We are very proud of his accomplishments and the fact that he is one of two goldens to reach this goal is pretty phenomenal. There just aren’t many goldens of this caliber around!


Congratulations to Lee Ann and David Heldt and Striker!

Congratulations to Lee Ann and David Heldt and Striker!

HRCH UH Heldt's Mr Strike 3 Your Out

HRCH UH Heldt’s Mr Strike 3 Your Out

Mike Schwan and Lucas

Mike Schwan and Lucas achieved 500 points at the PVHRC fall hunt test in Cheyenne in August 2012. Lucas’ full name and titles are HRCH UH Lucas of Loveland. From Mike:

I am proud to finally achieve 500 HRC points with Luke, who has been a great dog both in the field and in the home. My previous beloved “joey” was a black lab who never reached his potential due to my lack of knowledge and experience training. After laying Joey to rest in my back yard, I looked in the Loveland paper the next day for a black lab litter and surprised Jeanine with little Lucas.

Then I joined Platte Valley. Luke and I have been graciously helped by the members of PVHRC during the last 11 years. Some of you recall when Luke spent his time at training days and hunt tests not in a kennel, but in the back of my station wagon with the window rolled down. No wonder he was so wound up when he got to the line.

Luke and I were introduced to waterfowl hunting when he was one year old after achieving his SHR title. I was not fortunate to knock anything down, but the group next door to me did not have a dog and Luke happened to mark one of their downed mallards. So I asked them, would you like my dog to get that for you? Luke made an exceptional first retrieve and after delivering to hand the youth in the group said “wow!” Luke continued to “wow” others I have hunted with throughout his entire life especially with his blind retrieving skills.

Luke became famous in HRC during a finished test that was judged by Mark Powell and Larry Davis at Teal Lodge. After sending Luke after the memory bird, I failed to realize that he over-ran it only to pick up the blind. I asked Luke to “give!” and he spit out the blind bird. I then handled him to the mark he over-ran and then ran the blind, some would say for the second time. I was fortunate to get a ribbon that day and did not expect it. It was a testimony to the desire Luke had to please me, which made me very proud.

Thank you all who have been a part of Luke’s journey, which will no longer include hunt tests, but will be sprinkled with a little easy hunting now and then.

Congratulations Mike and Lucas!

Congratulations to Mike Schwan and Lucas!

 Mike Brockman and Ozzie

Mike Brockman and Ozzie achieved 500 points in 2010. Ozzie’s full name and titles are HRCH Atchafalya Roux’s Wild Ozzie. From Mike:

Earning the 500 point jacket has been a goal of mine since seven years ago when I was researching potential litters for my new puppy. I have heard so many times “You get more out of your training efforts than what you put into it”. I have followed that mantra and have invested a lot of resources into this effort and it is really paying off. Those efforts have resulted in Ozzie becoming a pretty good Hunt Test dog, a great hunting dog and equally important to me is a loving, character filled pet to my family and myself. There have been many ups and downs along the way and I could not have completed this goal without the support of my wife and the thousands of bumpers my sons have thrown over the years. Along with that, I have received so much help, encouragement, and an occasional butt kicking from the members of Platte Valley HRC and especially my “mentors” (Rich Carpenter, Joe Olson and Willie Ratliff). I couldn’t have done it without so much help from PVHRC and I hope to return the favor to the other members who could use the help. Thanks!

Congratulations Mike and Ozzie!

Congratulations to Mike Brockman and Ozzie!

Joe Olson and Sunny

Joe Olson and Sunny achieved 500 points in 2010. Sunny’s full name and titles are HRCH Little Big Boy’s Girl Sunshine. From Joe:

I suppose that hanging around long enough to get 500 points is a testament to the fun and, more importantly, the friends who have made it worthwhile to stay involved. Thank you to all who have helped Sunny and me. We could not have gotten this far without the help and support of PVHRC and the good folks who make the club what it is.

Congratulations Joe Olson and Sunny!

Congratulations to Joe Olson and Sunny!

Mark Powell and Spike

Mark Powell and Spike achieved 500 points in 2010. Spike’s full name and titles are HRCH Wasatch’s Golden Spike. From Mark:

Training and handling Spike to his 500 point level has been a fun but wild ride! For a dog with such a keen nose and has been hunting pheasants all but his first 18 months of age while he trained with Kenny Trott-he’s been a challenge to control. A good trainer once told me you don’t want a dog that won’t “break” now and then so I guess I want Spike god bless him. I suppose I’ve shot close to a 1000 pheasants, grouse, and quail over him and have loved every minute. Now that’s all he needs to do and stay healthy.  Thanks HRC for all the good times!

Congratulations to Mark Powell and Spike!

Congratulations to Mark Powell and Spike! Picture by Robin Wilson

Ed Raczka and Jack

Ed Raczka and Jack achieved 500 points.

Congratulations to Ed Raczka and Jack!

Congratulations to Ed Raczka and Jack!

Rich Carpenter and Roux

Rich Carpenter and Roux achieved over 2,5000 points over the course of Roux’s career! Roux was one of the most talented and consistent dogs ever seen in Region 13.  First picture is with Chelsea Riggs and Ranger, of the Panhandle Club in Bridgeport, Nebraska.  Roux and Ranger received 2,000 and 500 points respectively on that day.

Congratulations to Rich Carpenter and Roux, and also Chelsea Riggs and Ranger!

Congratulations to Rich Carpenter and Roux, and also Chelsea Riggs and Ranger!