Upland Training Day

PVHRC will be hosting an upland training day on Saturday, February 27.  If you’re a club member and are interested in getting some pheasants for your dog and attending the upland training, please contact me at: joeolson@yahoo.com to reserve some birds.  If you’re not a member but this sounds like something you and your dog would enjoy you can join right now by going to the Membership page and signing up.

For the training day we’ll set up a course and have two people/dogs at a time run in a well spread out brace with each dog getting two birds per run.  So, if you just want to run your dog one time, you would order two birds.  If you want to run twice, four birds . . . and so on. The rest of the time, while others are running their dogs, we’ll ask people to help out by planting birds, gunning etc.  And remember, it’s training not a test.  The only requirement is that you are safe.  You can have your dog point or flush, have the gunners shoot or not, run with a check chord — whatever will work best for your particular training.  Just plan to come out and have fun.   

If you have a young or inexperienced dog that’s not ready to quarter, flush, retrieve pheasants yet, but you’d like to do some introductory upland work you’re welcome to attend as well.  You probably don’t need to buy any birds, but it’s a good chance to get your dog exposed to gunfire and, if there’s interest, we can set up some quartering drills. flushing drills and get some retrieves using freshly killed pheasants.  Contact me about that as well if you’re interested in something like that so we know how many might want to do it.