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Finished Hunt Test The Finished hunt test duplicates actual hunting conditions found throughout the country. The successful completion of these tests leads to the qualification of a hunting retriever for the title of Hunting Retriever Champion, (HRCH). To pass these hunting tests the Finished Hunting Retriever must accomplish the tasks required with both style and […]



Seasoned Hunt Test This hunt test is for Seasoned Hunting Retrievers and Handlers. It duplicates actual hunting conditions throughout your area. Judges will look for style and natural ability and evidence that the Seasoned Hunting Retriever exhibits a reasonable degree of control. These hunting tests have longer retrieves on both water and land than Started […]


Future Hunter

Any child up through 12 years old may run a dog of any level and can be assisted by Mom, Dad, or any adult. No guns will be used however a hunting bucket, duck call and dead birds will be used (Mom or Dad may blow the call if need be); a dog can be […]