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Benefits of Membership

What are the benefits of membership in Platte Valley HRC? Well there are several. The first and most obvious is probably what brought you to this site: getting a better performing retriever to hunt with. You get an opportunity to meet a lot of people, locally and from other states, with similar interests. You get […]



PVHRC has access to three¬†training areas for water and upland training. Mary’s Place is our largest property and great for general training on land. The East Pond is about a mile North of Mary’s Place. The East Pond is excellent for basic water training. Mark Powell’s place is our newest training property and has access […]



See membership applications at bottom of page. By joining and participating in the PVHRC you not only get a retriever that you are proud to hunt with, but you are also entitled to: Access to dog training grounds – PVHRC has access to three training areas for water and upland training. Members can use the training […]