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Future Hunter

Any child up through 12 years old may run a dog of any level and can be assisted by Mom, Dad, or any adult. No guns will be used however a hunting bucket, duck call and dead birds will be used (Mom or Dad may blow the call if need be); a dog can be […]



    Often at lunch or before the Saturday social of a back-to-back hunt (two separate tests– one Saturday and one Sunday) a fun puppy test is held for dogs big enough to leave mom, up to 6 months. It is fun. The judges are looking for spark and instinct, not a trained pup. It […]


Hunt Tests

PVHRC members work hard to train their dogs. HRC defines three levels of capability — started, seasoned, and finished hunting retrievers. Members participate in hunt tests against standards of performance for their and their dog’s abilities. A hunt test is a big event. Started, seasoned, and finished hunt tests are performed through out the day. Children are […]