1. The “Mirror Hanger” will be your Property Pass / Proof of Membership and it must be displayed when using the Properties. If you see vehicles without the Mirror Hanger displayed, please ask the vehicle owners their reasoning. 


  1. Be courteous to fellow members using the properties, i.e., do not drive through the middle of their setups or crowd them by working too close.


  1. Each member or guest assumes his/her own responsibility when violating any state or federal game and fish laws.


  1. The PVHRC Inc. assumes no responsibility for accidents that occur on their leased properties.


  1. The East Pond is available for retriever training at any time throughout the year. 


  1. A member may bring up to three guests to the grounds, but the same guests should not train on the grounds more than one time without joining the club.  Members MUST BE present with their  guests at all times


  1. Only shotguns are allowed for dog training. Proper firearm safety procedures must be exercised at all times. Do not shoot within 200 yards of any homes or buildings. 


  1. No alcohol is to be consumed prior to or during training or when firearms are in use.  Alcohol consumption may be prohibited at other times as specified by the club in accordance with accepted the HRC..


  1. Vehicles must stay on or adjacent to established roads.  Do not drive on freshly planted grounds or growing crops.



  1. Avoid wildfires. Don’t park vehicles in dry grass.


  1. Avoid and do not disturb livestock on the properties.


  1. Neither hunting nor camping is permitted on the leased properties.  Specific exceptions will be determined and administered by the PVHRC officers and board.


  1. Leave all gates as you found them, either open or closed.


  1. Do not leave any litter on the grounds (trash, dead birds, flagging tape, spent shotshells, etc).  


  1. Abuse of these rules can result in disciplinary action and/or expulsion of the member from PVHRC.


  1. Report rule violations with appropriate details to the club President. (Names, descriptions, license plate numbers, etc.)