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Pups: Thinking Finished from the Very Beginning, Part 2

by Rich Carpenter Puppy teaching is sort of like watching the hour hand on a watch.  While you are watching it, there seems to be no movement at all.  Yet, if you come back in a while it has moved considerably.  When you’ve been away from pups and working with a finished dog for 10 […]


Pups: Thinking Finished from the Very Beginning, Part 1

by Rich Carpenter Since I’m starting another pup and have trained several dogs to the Finished level, Tom Vanderpool asked me if I’d put a few thoughts together for the Platte Valley Newsletter for a few issues, since early training can be so important to realizing the maximum potential of a retriever.  This is not […]


Welcome and 2021 Kick Off

Welcome to the Platte Valley Retriever Club official website.  As dark goose season starts to wind down, we’re heading into another dog training season.  What are your goals for this year?  Are you starting a new pup?  Looking to make the big leap from Started to Seasoned?  Getting ready to run Finished and earn that […]