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The Platte Valley Hunting Retriever Club (PVHRC) is a non-profit organization consisting of hunters dedicated to improving their hunting experience through the improvement of their retrievers. Over the past twenty plus years, club members throughout Colorado and surrounding areas have gathered to train and hunt their companions in a low pressure environment highly conducive to the amateur hunter.  If you would like to transform your canine friend into a highly effective retriever or bird flusher using humane methods in an entertaining environment, this organization is for you. 

In affiliation with the National Hunting Retriever Club, the Platte Valley Hunting Retriever Club is “Conceived by Hunters for Hunters.”


Want to really see what HRC is all about?  Take a look at these videos on each level of testing.  They really show you what we are all about and how are tests work!



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Taken at the Annual Meeting.

Here are the past presidents and newly elected president.


Mike Schwan, Lee Ann Heldt, Joe Olson, Mike Brockman, Newly elected Curt Lacey, and Mark Powell. 


Willie Ratliff's new addition to their family.  Her name is Woody Creeks Prairie Pickett. Picket for short.  Below is a picture of her with Whisper.



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January 2013


We have a face book page!  Be sure to search for Platte Valley's facebook.  We have some good pictures out there.


For those of you who are in the 500 Point Clubs, they now have it back up on the HRC website. 


Or you can link here to check it out:

Point Club Report

Take a look at the very first Platte Valley

Newsletter from August 1986.


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